The Wedding Speech Genie is here to support anyone

who wants to make their wedding speech the most

unforgettable and captivating of all time!

Anyone can write a speech but what about standing up to deliver it?

Given the role of father of the bride, best man, groom, bride or maid of honour

is an exciting privilege which requires commitment. 


However, for many, this often comes with a sense of dread about the speech that is expected.  

For some people public speaking is a terrifying ordeal best avoided, so the sooner we can master our nerves and make it more enjoyable, the better for all.




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With over 16 years’ experience as a public speaking coach and presentation skills trainer, I work with every client in a bespoke and sensitive manner.


I have had extensive working relationships with clients from many industries, built from my business,

 Public Speaking Solutions.

Having worked as an actress in theatre, as a teacher at the prestigious Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama for many years, I believe in encouraging everyone to find their voice, to be heard and understood.




Authenticity and passion are the cornerstones to our coaching approach. Our clients learn how to use the voice and body effortlessly whilst building presence and rapport with their audience. Whilst working with Deborah at WSG, you will learn:

  • How to build, edit, rehearse and refine your speech from scratch.

  • How to make a resounding first and last impression.

  • How to be fluid with your delivery, allowing emotion to work gently through the voice and body.

  • How to create atmosphere and build personal presence, throughout the speech, to capture and contain an audience.


Over the years, we have seen hundreds of individuals overcome their fears around public speaking. Our aim is to get each individual past the nerves that hold them back and settled into a more comfortable and easier platform from which to speak.



A free online consultation outlining the aims and ambitions for your speech.


Detailed techniques on how to write, edit and refine your dream speech.


Voice and body exercises on how to overcome nerves, allowing for full and free expression.


Transformation from the page to the stage – how to deliver and perform to an audience.


Personal and revised rehearsal time, practicing right up until the event day.




“I spent a lot of time writing what I wanted to say on my wedding day to thank

everyone who had contributed and most of all to express just how much my wife meant to me; but I knew that the delivery of the speech had to be as good as the content.

Deb taught me how to control the room and speak calmly and confidently. I had a

lot of lovely compliments on my speech after the wedding, and I knew that was all

down to Deb’s coaching.


She gave me so many tips and observations which I would never have thought of. If you are going to be doing a wedding speech, whether it be as a groom, best man or father of the bride, I 110% recommend Deb’s services – Thank you Deb!”







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