Whilst working with Deborah at WSG, you will learn:

How to build, edit, rehearse and refine your speech from scratch.

How to make a resounding first and last impression.

How to be fluid with your delivery, allowing emotion to work gently through the voice and body.

How to create atmosphere and build personal presence, throughout the speech, to capture and contain an audience.

1. A free Skype consultation outlining the aims and ambitions for your speech.

2. Detailed techniques on how to write, edit and refine your dream speech.

3. Voice and body exercises on how to overcome nerves, allowing for full and free expression.

4. Transformation from the page to the stage – How to deliver and perform to an audience.

5. Personal and revised rehearsal time, practicing right up until the event day.

Wedding Speech Genie. Copyright Deborah Thomas 2020.

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