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Making a strong first impression falls onto the radar of most speakers. But, what about a lasting impression? How do you want to be remembered for this moment and this speech?

Find the word that best summarises the atmosphere you wish to create and then begin to inhabit that. Take into account the energy and environment you want to ignite and ask yourself; how do I want to leave my audience feeling?

What does this speech mean to me and to them? Make sure you have an accurate take on what your impression looks like and start to encompass that sensation. Finally, at the very least we aim to speak up, speak out, stand tall and stand proud. Not always easy, when our adrenaline is running at full whack, but if you get back to your 'belly-breathing,' then you're sure to turn things around, one exhale at a time. We are here to help and ready to transform your speech. Good Luck. In our next blog look out for 3 our tops tips on body language... Posture, gesture, eyes.



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