All sessions will be conducted via, Zoom or Skype until further notice.

Our coaching is tailor-made and  flexible. We have created 4 different packages which allow you to decide on the level you'd like. 

Should you wish to do so, you can dial up to another package at any time.

Package A.

Special offer

£90.00 (reduced from £150.00)

1 x 90 minute session

  • Pre-course questionnaire to be completed and returned to us. 

  • We will ask you for a current draft of your speech.

  • Together we will tweak and refine the contents of the speech.

  • Rehearsal time.

  • Guidance on focus areas for practice.

Package B.

Special offer

£180.00 (reduced from £300.00)

2 x 90 minute sessions

This includes the elements of Package A as well as..

  • Looking at the vocal and physical blocks that cause obstacles for speech delivery.

  • Addressing any nerve concerns and how to overcome those anxieties in the moment.

  • Voice exercises.

  • Warm up technique and rehearsal time.

Package C.

Special offer

£300.00 (reduced from £500.00)

3 x 90 minute sessions

This combines the content of Packages A and B and...

  • We will cover the EDIT technique which is a comprehensive and brilliant method that will help you write, refine and perfect your best speech.

  • Visualisation techniques provided.

  • Rehearsal notes given.

  • 2 full run throughs allotted. 

Package D.

Special offer

£450.00 (reduced from £750.00)

4 x 90 minute sessions

Package includes all the elements of Packages A, B and C but also includes...

  • Additional time for rehearsing, finalising and practicing for a polished and seamless delivery.

  • What will happen on the day - speech preparation and concerns.

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